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Board of Selectmen Chairman Jim Williams reflects on the major happenings in Belmont in 2017 including the approval of a community path route, reduciton of the OPEB liability, hiring a new town administrator, changing the liquor license regulations, and going out to bid for an automated trash...
Get all they hyper-local news you need to know about Belmont in just 30 minutes. Tune in to "Belmont Journal," Belmont Media Center's weekly news program. Here's what's covered in the Dec. 15th show with host Roger Colton: Learn about Belmont's new propoerty tax rate with Franklin Tucker of "The...
Catch the December 8th episode of Belmont Journal , BMC's weekly hyper-local news program. Here's what we're covering - - - This Week in the Citizen-Herald: "New Town Administrator Chosen" & "Matt Damon in Spotted in Belmont" with Joanna Tzouvelis Recap Gifts of Hope Telethon Grand Opening of...
While many of us were on vacation in February, there was still a lot going on at Belmont High School. To read more about it click HERE
Bill Sway, head chef of Foodie's Market opening in Belmont Center in March gave a preview of what the store will offer at the Belmont Woman's Club on Feb. 8. Read all about it here
The Belmont High School Building Committee held its 13th meeting recently and is in the process of preparing to interview prospective project managers for the project, an important step to get ready for the feasibility study. Read all about it on HERE
"'Tis the season for pulling papers if you want to run for town office in the upcoming town election on April 4 and it looks like there may be a race for the seat on the Belmont Board of Selectmen currently occupied by Sami Baghdady..." Read all about it on HERE


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