Info TV


This is a LIVE feed of BMC Info TV as seen on XFINITY & FIOS in Belmont, MA.
Watch Belmont Journal every week day at 6am, 1pm and 6pm & catch Democracy Now every day at 8am, 5pm & Midnight.  Also featured are locally produced podcasts from the BMC PodCast Network, informational, educational programs, as well as special live coverage. And in 2020, every day starting at 6:30am and 6:30pm, get a wider perspective on news & world events with a block of international news like: France 24 News, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, Africa News, EuroNews Live, & La Verdad Internacional. All in English.

The opinions expressed & content of public access TV programs are those of the producer(s) or speakers and do not represent those of The Town of Belmont, Comcast, Verizon or Belmont Media Center.