Belmont Media Center is "building community though media . . ."

The Belmont Media Center (BMC) is a non-profit community media center whose mission is to develop and promote access to electronic communications media. 

We serve Belmont, MA and the surrounding communities to foster free speech, creative expression, and civic engagement and to give a voice to all.  Members of BMC have access to equipment and the BMC facilities so that they are able to learn how-to and produce their own television programs.  BMC is a digital state-of-the-art facility with 2 TV studios & editing bays and new HD TV remote production kit.

Belmont residents; BMC members, volunteers and interns; local institutions and the Town of Belmont have access to training, technology and program transmission over three local access TV channels (8, 9, 96 for COMCAST subscribers; 28, 29, 30 & 2130HD for VERIZON subscribers). Our website features "on-demand" local programming, a livestream of the Government & Educational (Ch. 8 or 28) and the Public Access (Ch. 9 or 29) channels, and a web version of the Community Bulletin Board (Ch. 96 or 30).

BMC is governed by an engaged board of directors and is operated by a dedicated staff and enthusiastic volunteers. BMC is member of the Alliance for Community Media and Mass Access.

In late 2009, we completed a three-year process of locating, designing and building a new state of the community media center to better serve the community, which includes: Studio A, 2 edit suites, a conference & classroom, and the "Green Room": a large open space with skylights that has quickly grown to be a popular crossroads for the community for receptions, meetings and a unique production venue.