Belmont Police Log, Nov. 20-27, 2023: Package theft, fraud on the rise

The following are excerpts from the Belmont Police log as made available by the Belmont Police Department. The log is public and available for review. All persons are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. 

Monday, Nov. 20

6:54 p.m.: Ani Catering on Belmont Street said this morning at around 5 a.m., someone took the empty cooler out front which they use for bread deliveries. The security camera shows a male pick up the cooler and walk away with it. He is described as young, wearing a pair of ripped jeans, a dark-colored jacket, white on top with a white hood, wearing a dark colored baseball cap. The cooler is valued at $50.

Tuesday, Nov. 21

2:43 p.m.: A School Street resident reported fraud. Her son believes his identity might have been compromised and money might have been taken. He was communicating via Facebook Messenger with someone named Agent Mark Anthony P. Carol. He let his mother know he took a photo of his Massachusetts identification and provided it to the person along with his social security number. Some time in mid-July he started to receive notifications that his verification information or his employer changed and a $1,000 loan was taken out in his name with Meta Bank, $1,200 withdrawal was taken from Discover bank and another $18 withdrawal on Aug. 24th. She contacted credit bureaus and banks he is affiliated with.

5:20 p.m.: A Harding Avenue resident reported suspicious activity. She believed she was talking to Geek Squad about her computer this morning. She was on the phone for a while when she realized something didn’t sound right. While on the phone with a male named AJ, he told her she needed to update her Microsoft and because she had coverage, he would reimburse her the money she would need to take her computer to Best Buy. She informed officers she gave him remote access to her computer to do the updates. He then informed her instead of reimbursing $239, he accidentally transferred $4,239 into her account and asked her to send back the difference of $4,000. He then gave her a woman’s name and information and became upset when he sensed she was hesitant to send the money, saying he would get in trouble and possibly fired. She then disconnected and turned off her computer and called Bank of America. After speaking to them, she learned he transferred money from her other accounts into her checking account to make it appear he paid her. No money was lost. Bank of America was able to cancel and issue all new accounts for her. She was advised to contact the credit reporting agencies and keep her computer off, change any passwords on her accounts that were on the computer. Officers spoke to her again and she said she was notified via email that there was a hack in her Microsoft account. Someone from Geeksquad came to her home. They said they had no record of her previous call. It turns out she contacted Igeeksquad which is fraudulent. No other accounts were hacked other than her email and Bank of America account.

Wednesday, Nov. 22

7:01 p.m.: Collision in area of Trapelo Road and White Street between a 2021 Subaru operated by a Belmont woman, a 2017 Subaru operated by a Waltham man. The operator of the 2021 Subaru said she was attempting to take a left turn onto White Street from Trapelo Road when she was struck by a vehicle turning left  from White Street onto Trapelo Road. The operator of the 2017 Subaru said he didn’t see the other Subaru when he was turning. There was moderate damage to both vehicles. The operator of the 2021 Subaru was a little disoriented and checked out by Belmont Fire and Rescue. The operator of the 2017 Subaru was issued a citation for failure to stop.

Friday, Nov. 24

7:58 a.m.: A Mannix Circle resident reported fraud. On Nov. 15, he received a bill in the mail from A T & T for a new Apple Iphone 15 Pro and the cost was $1,099.99. The bill had an incorrect account number and his name was not correct, it had another last name added onto it that he didn’t recognize. A T & T confirmed someone bought the Apple Iphone pro at their Dedham store and he would not be responsible for the cost. He was referred to A T & T’s fraud department who requested a police report for the investigation.

9:57 a.m.: A 2009 Mac construction truck operated by an Ashland man took down power lines on Snake Hill Road. He said thought the truck would clear the wired, but the tarp rack got stuck in the line causing the two poles to come down with the wires. Belmont Light determined two new poles would need to be respond. There was also a small, smoldering fire in a pile a of leaves caused by one of the damaged lines which Belmont Fire responded to. The tarp rack was damaged.

10:42 a.m.: Collision in area of 721 Pleasant St. between a 2014 Chrysler operated by a Brunswick, Maine man and a 2019 Honda operated by a Medford woman. The passenger of the 2014 Chrysler and the operator of the Honda required medical attention. Belmont Fire and Rescue responded. The operator of the Honda said she attempted to pull over when she saw a fire truck coming. She was unable to stop in time. The Honda had major damage to the front of the vehicle and was towed from the scene. The operator of the Honda was issued a citation for following too close.

4:42 p.m.: A Trapelo Road resident reported package theft. She ordered a box of teabags and believed it was stolen. She received a photo that the package was delivered at 10:19 a.m., however it was not there when she went to retrieve it at 3 p.m. The value is approximately $50.

Sunday, Nov. 26

5:32 p.m.: Collision in area of Pleasant and Lake Street between a 2010 Subaru operated by a Cambridge woman and a 2008 Infiniti operated by a Belmont man. Airbags of the Subaru deployed. There was major damage to the right rear of the Subaru. The operator of the Subaru was issued a citation for failure to yield at an intersection. The Subaru was towed from the scene.

5:45 p.m.: A Waverley Street resident reported a stolen package. Earlier today she noticed a package on her front steps. When she returned home the package was gone. None of her neighbors brought it in. It contained a few items from Ikea, including sheets, candles and Christmas decorations valued at $100.

Monday, Nov. 27

10:23 a.m.: A Dundonald Road resident reported identity theft. Last night she was communicating via Facebook Messenger to a person named Marie Pichette to purchase four concert tickets. She requested $720 via Zelle to complete the transaction and never received the tickets. She put a freeze on her bank accounts as well as a credit freeze. She will contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles to get a new driver’s license number.

Between Nov. 20 and Nov. 26, Belmont Police responded to two domestic and two mental health calls.