Jeremy Meserve, Staff Producer & Archivist

Staff Producer & Archivist

In 1995 Jeremy earned a diploma in Audio Recording Arts from Massachusetts Communications College. Afterwards, he worked as an equipment tester and inventory manager for Boston-based Sid Stone Sound and Light. He went on to be a audio/visual freelance contractor in Greater Boston for 15 years. Receiving a B.A. in History from UMass, he obtained a preliminary license to teach history (K-12) in Massachusetts. He later earned from Simmons College a Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS). Jeremy offers BMC a wide array of skills to help members with projects and to produce high quality programming for the town of Belmont. Awarded CPA funding in 2014, he has created a digital moving image archive of Belmont community TV programming with help from interns & volunteers, the Belmont Community Moving Image Archive (BCMIA). Jeremy can be seen at government meetings and Belmont High sporting events covering the action and directing volunteer crews of students and seniors. He also covers events for the Public Library, Historical Society, school groups, concerts and produces "Belmont Schools NOW" and "Middlesex Update with District Attorney Marian Ryan".