Winter & Spring Classes at BMC


BMC has lots of classes ready for you in the next few months!  With everything from introductory studio skills in our new Studio Production Workshop to advanced lessons in the control room and the field, there's something for everyone.  For example, parents will be happy to see the return of our Make a Movie in a Day classes this coming February break!

You can learn all about each class in detail on our classes page, but there's a few new classes we'd like to specifically highlight.

First off, Jeff will be teaching a 90 minute workshop called "The Art of Multi-Camera Studio Directing" on Tues, Jan 29 at 6:30 - 8pm.  This lively, hands-on workshop will provide you with the guidance, skills and encouragement needed to confidently take the helm in Studio A or on the Remote Studio.

This class is for anyone with some experience crewing in Studio A and best suited for those with some experience & basic understanding of directing multi-camera TV productions.

This class is open to all BMC members at no cost.  Click to register and become a star director now!

Secondly, we're starting two other hands-on, member driven workshops that will happen on a regular basis - a Studio Production Workshop and a Producer's Forum.

The Studio Production Workshop will focus on gaining skills in all areas of TV Studio work - from the sound board to cameras to setting the stage.  It's your chance to learn all the basics you'll need to know to volunteer on crews, start your own program or fine-tune skills you already have.

The Producer's Forum is a group we're revitalizing, starting in March, for anyone and everyone to come and collaborate with their fellow BMC Producers and Volunteers.  It will be an open-ended discussion group where things like projects can be presented for critique or help, or you can find that vital other team member, or we can go over new skills.  Filmmaking is a team sport, so let's collaborate!

Please do check out all the other classes we're offering in the next few months.  Any questions can be directed at Rachel via email at  To register, click the link under any course listing here.

We're looking forward to seeing you in a class or two!