A Warm Welcome


Before starting my new position as the News and Current Events Intern at Belmont Media Center I wondered what my day to day schedule may look like. I also questioned how terrible my commute from Boston to Belmont would be. After working here for a week those questions have been answered. However, one inquisition remains - What kind of town is Belmont Massachusetts? My curiosity stems from the fact that I will be spending the next six months as a full time intern at BMC.

I am a junior at Northeastern University studying Journalism and this is my first cooperative education experience. Northeastern has a unique cooperative education program where students alternate between academic study or full-time employment.  During a semester of full-time employment students have the opportunity to gain real world work experience.

This internship allows me to gain a strong multimedia skills base by learning new media techniques through hands-on experience. Working at BMC will provide me with unique and vital opportunities to get an edge on my journalism career, whether in print or television.  I am excited to sharpen my skills in a professional environment to develop the practical skills necessary to succeed in a competitive industry.

Having learned that Mitt Romney once lived in Belmont was an interesting fact but, it did not explain the culture of Belmont fully nor does it proclaim anything about the residents. My first week in Belmont has been pretty quiet. I am working to build up my contacts for future stories and of course, trying to figure out the culture here. By the end of this six month endeavor I will have a concrete answer to that question. In the mean time I would like to hear from the residents of Belmont.

I have been welcomed on board by the BMC staff and some of the members. While working at BMC I plan to expand the program, Citizen-Herald Reports. I hope to report on world news stories, but add a local spin. For my first story I am looking to interview an Egyptian Belmont Resident to forecast Egypt's political state. If this information pertains to you and you would feel comfortable doing an on-camera interview please e-mail me at News@belmontmedia.org.

To learn more about me check out my BMC biography.

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 8:00pm