The War To End All Wars: Armistice Centennial In Belmont

One hundred years ago today, 2.5 million American servicemen (and also thousands of women who were attached to the military and volunteer organizations) were still stationed in France and Germany though the Armistice had been signed a month earlier. They would spend Christmas away from their loved ones and experience the holiday season in Europe. The huge logistical challenge of transporting millions of soldiers home across the Atlantic wasn’t undertaken in earnest until April 1919. The Belmont Historical Society’s vivid World War One exhibit ended last week but you can view a short documentary about Belmont's role in the Great War that features it. The 40 minute documentary contains in-depth discourse on the famous “Yankee Division” by historian and former Belmont selectman Dan Leclerc. It also includes a short interview with selectmen chair Adam Dash about his gift of WWI memorabilia to the Society. Watch here on the BMC YouTube documentary page: