Videographers and Editors Needed for Non-Profit Video Project

The Non-Profit Video Project in Belmont is seeking
The videographers will film one to two days with the non-profit. Most filming dates will be on weekends. We will coordinate schedules that work for everyone.

Editors will cut together the non-profit promotional video under 2:30 in length with the direction of the non-profit, and Margo Guernsey as supervising Editor.

This opportunity is well suited for anyone looking to build a reel, learn more about storytelling through short form video, or do a good thing for a local non-profit. Volunteers must have some prior videography or editing experience.

The finished videos will be aired on Belmont Media Center local access TV channels and will be hosted on; they may also be distributed to other community media centers and community access TV channels.

If you are interested, please contact Margo Guernsey,

Participating non-profits:
Our Space
Boston Gleaners
Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Coalition
Habitat Intergenerational Program

The Non-profit Video Project in Belmont helps local non-profits produce professional videos that tell compelling stories to help build financial and volunteer capacity for non-profits. The project is coordinated by Margo Guernsey of Time Travel Productions LLC with support and technical assistance provided by the Belmont Media Center, the non-profit community media center serving Belmont residents, schools and local government.