From the Town of Belmont


Due to the amount of snow accumulation, most streets in the town have been narrowed, to a point where access by ambulances and fire apparatus is nearly impossible.

With vehicles parking on both sides of the street this has caused a real public safety issue.

Therefore, starting Tuesday, February 3, at 7:00 AM, the town will implement a limited parking ban.  On most streets, parking will be allowed on the odd number side of the street. There will be some exemptions such as in the business areas.

We will be utilizing various forms of communication to explain the limited parking ban and to distribute our message to as many people as we can. Please review the Town’s website at

We apologize in advance and understand that this will be inconvenient to some people, but we are asking everyone to cooperate and to work with us for the public safety of all.

Hopefully this will only be necessary for a short period of time.

Beech Street Center will be closed Tuesday, February 3, 2015.