Thanks to our volunteers for the BHS Varsity Boys/Girls Ice Hockey Games

Thanks to our fantastic volunteer crew at the BHS hockey games vs Lexington this past saturday at Viglirolo Rink! The BHS boys were outmatched, losing 8-1. The Belmont girls put up a great fight despite a 4-2 loss. Will Slap, Mike Gleba and Aidan Barnes were our cameramen for both games, they all did superbly and we hope they come back for more sports productions. It was the first three-camera shoot we've produced for BHS hockey and the results are highly encouraging for all of our productions going forward. Both hockey games will air on the Govt. & Education channel (Channel 8 & 28) this tuesday (1/15). 

Our live commentators for the hockey games are true sportscasters, thanks to Todd Bloniarz and Jim Reynolds. We are grateful for their knowledgeable sports commentary and as Belmont Media Center's first sports producer I feel truly blessed to have Todd and Jim greatly enhance our game coverage. However, these guys aren't always available so we need more commentators. Volunteer today!

As always, I need to thank Adam Dusenberry for being the tech guru that he is. As graphics operator and overall mastermind he deserves most of the credit for these productions thus far.

SPECIAL THANKS to Principal Dan Richards for helping us with outreach for volunteers!

Next game: 1/25/2013 BHS Boys Varsity Basketball vs Melrose

Join the crew! To sign up contact me at or Rachel at