Thanks to Frédérique Rigoulot for her work at BMC.

Four years ago, at the urging of and with the support of Belmont Media Center Board of Directors, I hired BMC’s first News Director, Frédérique Rigoulot, a former French journalist who had recently moved to Belmont with her family.
Together, Fred & I created a new hyper-local, community-sourced news program, Belmont Journal.

Since then, under Frédérique’s thoughtful, kind, yet relentless leadership, Belmont Journal and News Now have become must-see TV for hyper local news, events and information; a magnet for new community faces & voices; a gathering place for local leaders & concerned residents; and an incubator for new timely local programming.

With that in mind it is with a little sadness, but mostly great joy to announce that Frédérique will be leaving BMC in mid-January to start a new job with WGBH; and I could not be more proud of all that she has accomplished at BMC.

In four short years, Fred made more contacts and connected more people to BMC than I thought possible, and we are all grateful for her optimism and steady commitment.

But what I am most grateful for is that Frédérique has left in place the system, the people and the inspiration for our next News Director to be able step in and continue producing Belmont Journal in the coming months without missing too many beats. I can only hope that the well-trained and dedicated group of citizen-journalists, news anchors, and producers will stay on the job, to help us write the next chapter of hyper-local news in Belmont and keep the community connected, informed, and engaged.

As we search for a new News Director, BMC is committed to continue the work that Frédérique has worked so hard to develop in her successful run at the Belmont Media Center.

Congratulations Frédérique and I wish you the best in your career.

Here is our announcement about the open position for News Producer HERE