Thank You!

Another successful Payson Park Music Festival season has come to a close. BMC would like to extend a huge thanks to Maggie Rose March for her videography work on the majority of the concerts. Thank you Maggie for her commitment. Also, thank you to our summer intern Gabrielle Mountain for editing several of these concerts and for assisting with the concert coverage. And thank you to our intern Brittany Carragher and to Nicholas Passell for their video work on the concerts as well.

BMC would also like to thank Julie Land and Henry Munevar for their coverage of the 2013 Meet Belmont. Both worked together to get interviews with people from various Belmont clubs, organizations and Town departments. Also thank you to Jeremy Meserve and Brittany Carragher for running the Belmont Media Center table during the event.

A recent taping of The Pat Lawrence Show took place at Northeastern University with an interview with former governor Michael Dukakis. Thank you to Julie Land, Jeremy Meserve and Brittany Carragher for assisting with the taping.

Belmont Media Center freshened its look with a newly painted edit suite, control room, conference room and studio floor.  Thank you to Adam Dusenberry, Julie DeStefano, Lucas Tragos and Brittany Carragher for participating in this painting project.