Tech Tip - 7/11/12 (USB Drives)


USB thumb drives can be a great little tool in our digital tool kit but an inherent security flaw makes them (and the systems they are attached to) vulnerable to viruses. 

USB related viruses can pile up on systems as infected USB drives are connected and can ultimatly hurt the performance of the sytem.  Most day to day computers deal with these viruses without much issue, however, the high performance systems that control our studio switchers (the Broadcast Pix in Studio A and the Tricaster in Studio B) can begin to have problems when they are overwhelmed with USB viruses.

To help reduce the potental of problems BMC has institued the policy that ALL external USB drives MUST be virus scanned by a staff member before they are connected to the Broadcast Pix or Tricaster computers.  It only takes a minute and will help protect the performance of these critical systems.

Please see Adam or any staff member to scan your USB drive before you plug it in and help us keep the systems clean of viruses.