Take the Belmont Vision 21 Survey

The members of Belmont’s Vision 21 Implementation Committee invite and encourage you to participate in a survey. The survey’s focus is to assess the Town’s progress in addressing the goals of the Town’s Vision. Survey results will guide the Town and the Implementation Committee regarding Belmont’s priorities for the future.  Your input is important.
Background: In 2000, the Board of Selectmen established a committee to develop a vision for the town. Part of that effort was a survey for all residents – including all high school students – that helped to clarify residents’ hopes, concerns and priorities for Belmont. With these data, a “Working Vision for Belmont’s Future” was developed.
In 2001, Belmont’s Town Meeting unanimously adopted Belmont’s Vision, a series of aspirational statements, or goals, for the Town.
The Board of Selectmen appointed a “Vision Implementation Committee” to help the Town implement the Vision. The Committee now seeks feedback from the community in an effort to understand how progress is perceived, whether all the goals remain important, and which of the goals are the ones on which the Town should now focus its efforts.  The survey also seeks suggestions for activities and strategies to help the town achieve the goals.
If you wish to read the Vision before taking the survey, it can be found by typing “A Working Vision for Belmont” in the search bar on the Town’s home page.
To take the survey online, go to the home page of the Town of Belmont's web site and click on “Vision Committee Survey” or Click HERE.

Alternatively, paper versions of the survey are available at the Beech Street Center, the Belmont Public Library, and the offices of the Town Clerk and the Board of Selectmen in Town Hall.
Help determine the priorities for our town!  Take the survey and encourage your family members and friends to do so as well.  All residents and those who work in Belmont are invited to do so. Your action will significantly enhance the ability of this survey to capture Belmont’s true voice.