Studio A Upgrades


BMC Members & Friends,

BMC has made many technical improvements over the past several months in equipment, editing, and remote locations. Because we are ahead of schedule and thanks to additional support from the BMC Board of Directors, we are happy to announce some more exciting changes at BMC for the spring:

* We just added 2 new Widescreen/High-Definition Video Monitors in both Edit Bays, which replace 13 year old monitors that have served BMC well.

* Expanded the in-studio crew headset system to include 5 crew members and added a talk-back capability so that the director or producer can communicate directly with on-camera talent, a very helpful option when producing live shows or more complex productions.

* And although it's been long in the planning process, finally, starting the first week of May, Studio A will undergo a major makeover.
With help from volunteers and staff, we'll be installing black studio curtains and additional lighting that will vastly improve the audio quality and especially in music or voice recording. The black curtains and later the installation of multi-colored curtains will offer everyone a wide range of possibilities to design and build sets and backgrounds, like never before.

While Studio A will be closed for production during most of the week of April 30th, all edit bays and Studio B will be open for use.
If all goes as well as planned, we will host an open house shortly after to give everyone a first look at the "new and improved" Studio A.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Adam or Jeff or email either of us anytime.

We will keep everyone aware of any developments as they came and thank you for your patience as we make these upgrades.

Adam & Jeff