Quiet on The Set 


While working at BMC I find that each day is different from the last and I seem to be learning new skills each day; skills such as editing film packages and operating the improved HD Board equipment. The days have started to go by much faster here at BMC. I credit that to the kids participating in the 10 Day Belmont Youth Video Challenge and the BMC members that have invited me to work on some of their projects. So here are just a few highlights from the past two weeks. 

The kids work shop at BMC has felt a little bit like one of those AT&T commercials with the children that say amusing yet, imaginative remarks. They have impressed me with their creative direction and ability to think outside the box. I have been working with this group on tasks like filming a commercial, creating a mock news feature, and currently scripting a movie! I encourage you to come see the film that they have put so much effort into creating. You will not be disappointed! BMC will be screening the film on Friday the 16th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Here I am with Nanako Tokvo and Nayun Gom, pitching story ideas for their film!

This past week I was given the opportunity to take a hard-hitting journalism direction, while filming Ann Reynolds's show, The Run Around. Reynolds is interviewing Watertown residents who have incredible stories from the shootout this past April. The bullet holes in their homes are grave reminders for these Watertown residents.

In addition to The Run Around, I have been working on The Citizen-Herald Reports. Together with Joanna Tzouvelis, we stopped people on the street to ask what they think should happen to the Thomas Clark house. The next time you see us on the street please take a second to stop and talk with us. We want to hear from the community as much as possible!

For my own project and personal interest I was able to interview, Lalig Musserian. Musserian is originally from Lebanon but moved to Belmont where she raised her family. I met with Musserian to discuss the crisis in Egypt and the Syrian Conflict. Look for this interview on an up-coming Citizen-Herald show!

Belmont Bonus: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) drove right past me! He was filming a movie in Belmont this past Thursday and Friday.

With the past two weeks being as exciting as they have been I look forward to whatever may come my way!

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 8:00pm