Photojournalism in the Age of Photoshop Presentation tonight at BMC 7pm


The invention of Photoshop and other image altering tools has disrupted the field of photojournalism. Drawing upon a collection of altered and staged images, some amusing and some very serious, photographer Diane Covert will cover some of the ways images are manipulated to shape our thoughts and emotions. These images point to the problems created when large numbers of photographers chase small numbers of subjects, in a desperate search for that one image that will be splashed across newspapers, magazines and the internet.

Ms. Covert will show examples from the history of art photography to describe how certain poses, lenses, and uses of light create the illusion of dignity, power, evil, or helplessness. Early examples of staged imagery and the collaboration between photographer and subject will be explored. Modern examples of image staging and image alteration will be presented and discussed with examples from well-respected media outlets.