New Volunteer of the Month


With the inception of the Volunteer Appreciation Program, we would like to announce our first:

Volunteer of the Month: Jirair Hovsepian

Jirair is a dedicated community producer who has worked many hours on programming such as the Belmont Food Pantry Telethon and many, if not all Belmont School concerts. His commitment to covering key community events, amazing work ethic, and positive and energetic presence at BMC is why he's the Volunteer of the Month!

When I told Jirair about this, his response was kind and gives insight as to why he gives his time and energy over to BMC on a regular basis.  

"I enjoy the media whether it's the performing arts, an informative lecture, or a charitable program.  Thanks to BMC for giving me the opportunity to present my work to the Belmont Community for their enlightenment and entertainment.

My goal is to have Belmont's residents (those with children and without) to see and appreciate the high level of quality music and art the schools teach.  We in Belmont are very fortunate to have very dedicated and selfless teachers in the Arts who propel our students to be award winners in Massachusetts and Nationwide.

The honor belongs to them - I am only the means to display them."

Thank you and congratulations, Jirair!