New Studio A Lighting Gear


BMC has upgraded and added some lighting equipment in studio A.  First we upgraded the lighting control system to a digital system with a touchscreen interface.  Besides basic on/off control of the lighting, there are advanced features that this new control system allows.  The staff is currently training on the advanced features and will training any interested producers once we are trained.

We have added a 3rd Ellipsoidal Light, known better as the pattern lights,  This fixture is unique from the other two in that it uses LED lights rather than the traditional quartz lamps.  LED offers a couple of useful features over quartz. 

The first is LED does not generate anywhere near the amount of heat energy that the quartz fixtures do, this allows producers to create thier own gobo pattern in full color with nothing more that a color printer and a sheet of transparancy film (the above picture has a custom gobo designed specifically for the October 15th Primary Election Coverage).

The second feature ties to the new digital control panel...The color of the LEDs in the fixture can be controlled by the control panel and can be mixed into any color you want. Your no longer limited to the colors of gel that we have on hand.  This is great for adding color to traditional gobos (which can still be used in the LED fixture) or custom "black and white" gobos.

Come on down and check them out.