Mastering the Broadcast Pix -- New Workshop


BMC is pleased to begin offering a new workshop, "Mastering the Broadcast Pix". Control A Monitor Wall

This three-session workshop is for Directors, Technical Directors (switcher) and anyone who wants to learn the operation of the Broadcast Pix switcher in Studio A.  Learn all aspects of the Broadcast Pix Switcher from show creation to simple switching to graphics and advanced switching and effects.  Aspiring Directors and Technical Directors should attend this workshop.

The workshop is taught by BMC Technical Director, Adam Dusenberry.  Adam is a Director/Technical Director who has been switching productions on a Broadcast Pix since nearly the company's birth in 2002.  He is an expert operator.

The workshop is 3, 90 Minute sessions. Please contact Adam or Stacey to get on the wait list for the next class.Broadcast Pix Panel