Final Cut Editing Classes this summer!


If you would like to learn how to edit in Final Cut, we have classes for you!
please call 617-484-2443 or email to register

> Final Cut Express, Beginner: June 8, 15, 22 from 6:30-9

In 3 sessions of 2.5-hour workshops, you will learn everything from properly setting up Final Cut for video format and organizing your files on the hard drive to transitions, filters, and integrating Photoshop imagesand musicon the timeline. The class will also explore the different tools, keyboard shortcuts, and effects in order to enhance your projects.
Instructor: Alisa Carbone

> Final Cut Express, Advanced: July 13, 20 from  6:30-9

Pre-req:  Final Cut Express: Beginner Techniques)
      This course will introduce you to advanced features and tools in Final Cut Express to create animated titles, motion graphics, and filter effects. You will learn helpful techniques such as color correction, audio sweetening, and still photo animation.Create and work with multiple sequences within one project. Learn how to control key frames in Final Cut to add animation to video, filters, still images, and layered sequence compositions. Work with advanced titling techniques and composition. Control the flow of rendered files and render preview optimization. Particular emphasis will be placed on integrating exercises for practical application.

Instructor: Alisa Carbone