Converting our Control Room to HD

When Belmont Media Center was founded in early 2006, the media industry was already moving to high-definition (HD) TV and video. At the time, it was unclear just how fast or how expensive a complete switch to HD video production and editing would be. So, we made the most of our equipment; planning carefully to switch to HD in the future.

Beginning in 2009, we built and outfitted the new BMC studio with high-def in mind. Our studio cameras are “HD-capable” and our video editing software works easily with HD footage. We also kept an eye out for industry developments.


Today, as we see a world spinning in high-definition and we have HD cameras at our fingertips with our phones; we here at BMC are making sure to keep up with the latest changes in technology.


Our Technical Director Adam Dusenberry has spent months carefully researching and testing all of our options. Our Board of Directors combined his work with due diligence and prudent financial planning, allowing us to take the first of two important steps towards the creation of "BMC HDTV."


As this post goes live out to you, we have upgraded Studio A & the Control Room and they are already online! We're able to use the HD system, which is just fantastic news for you and the entire BMC community. The next big step is for our many shows to be converted to the HD format.


While that happens, we invite you to come down and check out the new system, served by a Broadcast Pix Granite switcher. We're so excited to show it off!  Additionally, Adam invites experienced crew to sign up for our two training options: in a one-on-one or in a group session.


Now, you might think this move in and of itself is exciting enough, but it's the second step in this capital upgrade that will be the most noticeable. Working with our vendor Telvue, we are in the process of upgrading our Video Server.


The video server is the computer which organizes and plays back all programs on Belmont’s local access channels. What benefits will this upgrade this provide?

Firstly, it saves valuable staff time when uploading shows to the web. It will also cut down the time that producers spend in converting programs from one video format to another. All this will be done automatically!


If you're a BMC viewer, you’ll see the quality jump in our online programming. Everything that is produced in HD will soon be in that resolution on-demand on our website and you'll be able to watch Belmont’s Public Access TV channel LIVE in HD on our website. (We'll be letting you know as this part of the transition goes online).


The final piece - Belmont's access TV channels to be carried as HD with Comcast & Verizon - is yet unclear. We do expect that all BMC channels will one day, be cablecast in high-definition, so you'll just have to...

 . . . STAY TUNED!

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 11:00am to 11:59am