Contemporary Science: Earthquakes and Tsunamis with John Ebel, Ph.D.

John EbelJohn Ebel, Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair, Dept of Geology and Geophysics, Boston College.

Professor Ebel is an expert on seismology and is noted for his research on the faultline at the edge of the continental shelf off the northeastern Atlantic as well as other areas.

In this discussion, Dr. Ebel explains the geological forces that cause earthquakes and the areas on the planet most vulnerable to tsunamis. We how seismologists track earthquake-prone areas of the planet and how they predict the possibility of tsunamis.

Educational program on science. Produced by Yvonne Stapp, president of Science for the Public.

The public is invited. To crew, please call 617-484-2443.

Location: Studio A

6:30 PM