BMC Technology Committee Update


The BMC Technology Committee recently held a meeting to ask members to bring their suggestions and ideas for capital equipment purchases for this year and next fiscal year and to discuss proposed BMC HD Transition Project 

Numerous suggestions for technology in production & post-production were made. There was a robust discussion about the utility and potential need for certain equipment and studio improvements.

There is a need for one additional SONY NX5 Video Camera Package, as the use of all field cameras has increased, esp. due to use by BMC Sports crew. The staff is checking on the possiblity of making this purchase in the immedidate future.

As an immediate follow up, and in direct response to stated needs, 3 new voice microphones (SM58) (See Related Post), mic stands, and a TV/Film Clapper were purchased.

Other equipment suggestions will be integrated into upcoming capital budget discussions and strategic planning sessions.

The staff also reviewed plan for transitioning to full HD playback. Members agreed that HD Transition should be discussed at next board meeting to better inform board about exact nature of HD transition, costs, advantages.