BMC Survey: Why you should take it!


About two weeks ago, we launched a 10 question survey asking you what you know about Belmont Media Center (BMC) and how you participate.  It only takes about 5 minutes to complete and there's a potential for reward if you take it too!  (We're raffling off a $100 Savinos gift certificate to anyone who put their name and email down at the end.)

But really, there's a better reason to take the survey than just a gift certificate.  BMC is a community media center, driven to provide you with learning, producing and participating opportunities.  And we want to make sure we're giving you everything we can, as well as we can.  Your opinion about BMC matters.  This survey is your chance to give us your opinion. 

Just to give you an idea of what we're parsing already:

  • Many of you are very familiar with BMC and what it does.
  • Many of you get information about BMC through several different outlets, especially email.
  • Many of you attend our special events or activities. 

The feedback has been wonderfully informative and will help shape BMC in the future.  Please take a few minutes to include your voice. It matters! 

Take the Survey