Belmont Journal: Sept. 28th Show

Here's a recap of the Sept. 28th show hosted by Michael Crowley:

  • "This Week in the Citizen-Herald" reports on the fire in Belmont Center which has affected many businesses and how the debt exclusion for the grade 7-12 high school building project will affect residents' pocketbooks
  • Belmontonian reports on the Yes and No campaigns for the grade 7-12 high school
  • Public Works gets stricter on overflowing trash carts
  • Emma Thurston talks about what the vote on Sept. 25 means for retail marijuana in Belmont
  • A resident is helping the environment by collecting orange peels for composting at soccer games
  • Belmont fire chief talks about how he helped in the aftermath of the gas explosions in Merrimack Valley
  • Highlights of the Cushing Square Fall Festival 
  • Community Calendar with Jane Peters

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