Belmont Detective Helps Make Major Drug Arrest

March 2, 2015

On February 27, 2014, Belmont Police Detective Michael Pugliese along with his fellow partners on the Suburban Middlesex County Drug Task Force arrested 34 year old Harrinson Soto-Zuazo of Jamaica Plain and charged him with Trafficking Heroin.

After receiving several complaints that individuals were involved in street level drug transactions in Belmont, Detective Pugliese and members of the Suburban Middlesex County Drug Task Force began to conduct surveillance in Belmont.   After a lengthy investigation, Detective Pugliese successfully secured a search warrant for Soto-Zuazo’s motor vehicle.

At 11:43am on February 27th, detectives observed Soto-Zuazo operating his vehicle on Pleasant Street in Belmont.  Soto-Zuazo’s vehicle was stopped and detectives subsequently searched the vehicle.  An initial search by detectives did not reveal illegal narcotics.   Belmont Police K9 Officer Corey Taylor was called to the scene with his K9 Grim.   Grim performed a search of the vehicle and Officer Taylor reported to the detectives that Grim had given an indication that there were narcotics in in the rear portion of the center console.   Examining the console closer, detectives discovered an aftermarket modification that revealed a “hide” inside the vehicle.

Once inside the Hide, detectives discovered 68 grams of Heroin. Harrinson Soto-Zuazo was charged with: Trafficking in Heroin, Furnishing a False Name, Refusing to Identify Himself, Use of a False RMV Document and Operating on a Suspended License.