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Community Conversations 09/26/18

Roger Colton discusses the Belmont High School building project with Bill Lovallo, BHS Building Committee chair and Jamie Shea, BHS Building Committee member.

Community Conversations: Lucia Wille 09/19/18

Roger Colton speaks with Lucia Wille about the Belmont Bike and Skate Park.

Community Conversations: Mary Bradley

Roger Colton interviews Mary Bradley, organizer of Belmont Porchfest, a neighborhood event featuring 70 musicians and 50 porches to be held on September 8, 2018, 11am - 7pm.

Community Conversations 05/23/18

Roger Colton speaks with Belmont Citizen Herald multi-media journalist Joanna Tzouvelis about topics to be discussed at Belmont Town Meeting.

Community Conversations 04/25/18

Roger Colton talks about upcoming Town Meeting with Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen Herald journalist.

Community Conversations 04/12/18

Roger Colten interviews Patrice Garvin, Belmont's new Town Administrator.

Community Conversations 03/01/18

Studio B, Belmont Media Center

Community Conversations 02/15/18

Roger Colton speaks with Jackie Neel, one of the organizers of the VDay activities with the Social Action Committee at the First Church in Belmont.

Community Conversations 02/14/18

Host Roger Colton continues with his student leadership theme, he speaks with three BHS student musicians about their Music For Food program.

Community Conversations 02/01/18

Roger Colton interviews Kathy Keohane, Chair of the Belmont Public Library Board of Trustees. This year is the 150th birthday of the Belmont Public Library.

Community Conversations 01/24/18

Roger Colton speaks with Becca Pizzi about the World Marathon Challenge, a competition involving seven marathons in seven days and on seven different continents. Becca completed this challenge in 2016 and will be competing again this year.

Community Conversations 01/18/18

Roger Colton interviews Belmont High School Performing Arts Company director Ezra Flam.

Community Conversations 12/20/17

Roger Colton interviews Nicole Pond, fine arts teacher at Burbank Elementary School.

Community Conversations 11/30/17

Roger Colton discusses fossil fuel divestment with John Kolterman, First Church Belmont.

Community Conversations 11/16/17

Roger Colton speaks with Bill Lovallo, chair of the Belmont High School Building Committee.

Community Conversations 10/05/17

Roger Colton discusses the state of Belmont schools with John Phelan, Superintendent of Belmont Public Schools.

Community Conversations with Roger Colton: Veterans Memorial Project with Angelo Firenze 06/07/17

Roger Colton discusses the Veterans Memorial Project with Angelo Firenze.

Community Conversations 5/25/17

Roger Colton interviews Arto Asaadorian, Director of the Belmont High School Visual and Performing Arts Department.

Community Conversations with Roger Colton: High School Quiz Show 04/27/17

Host Roger Colton speaks with BHS students Eva Hill and Cameron Anderson. Eva and Cam were part of Belmont's team of contestants vs Newton North on WGBH's High School Quiz Show.

Community Conversations 4/27/17

Roger Colton interviews Franklin Tucker, Editor of The Belmontonian.

Community Conversations with Roger Colton: Belmont Same Start Time 04/27/17

Host Roger Colton speaks with BHS activists and freshmen Ella Serrano-Wu and Kate Devitt about their campaign to keep traditional school hours in contrast to the popular movement towards later start times.

Community Conversations with Roger Colton 04/19/17

Host Roger Colton speaks with brother/sister athletic powerhouses Cal and Carly Christofori. Cal was starting quarterback of the Marauders varsity football team as well as a starter for boys varsity basketball and Carly is this year's Middlesex League All-Star point guard in girls varsity basketball. Includes a highlight video of some of their athletic feats.

Community Conversations 4/13/17

Roger Colton interviews Pastor Dane Helsing of the Beacon Community Church in Belmont.

Community Conversations 3/30/17

Roger Colton interviews Dustin O'Brien, director of food service for the Belmont Public Schools.

Community Conversations 3/16/17

Roger Colton speaks with Franklin Tucker, Editor of The Belmontonian.

Community Conversations: Daniel Richards 03/02/17

Roger Colton talks about 21st Century Learning with Belmont High School Principal Daniel Richards.

Community Conversations: Guy Carbone 02/23/17

Roger Colton interviews Guy Carbone, candidate for Board of Selectmen.

Community Conversations: Adam Dash 02/23/17

Roger Colton interviews Adam Dash, candidate for Board of Selectmen.

Community Conversations: Roger Wrubel 02/16/17

Roger Colton interviews Roger Wrubel, director of Mass Audubon's Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary.

Community Conversations: Julia Blatt 02/02/17

Roger Colton interviews Julia Blatt, executive director of Massachusetts River Alliance.

Community Conversations: David Alper 1/26/17

Roger Colton speaks about the topic of marijuana in Belmont with David Alper, Chairman of Belmont Board of Health.

Community Conversations: David Kale 1/05/17

Roger Colton speaks with Town Administrator David Kale.

Community Conversations 12/15/16: Dorothy Stoneman

The founder of YouthBuild USA, Dorothy Stoneman - who is also a Belmont resident - reflects on her 40-year career with host Roger Colton. For more about YouthBuild, visit their website:

Community Conversations: Chief Richard McLaughlin 12/01/16

Roger Colton speaks with Belmont Police Chief Richard McLaughlin.  

Community Conversations: Cyndi Reitmeyer 11/10/16

Roger Colton interviews Cyndi Reitmeyer, creator of website. They discuss STEM education in Boston Metro.

Community Conversations: Julie Crockett 10/27/16

Roger Colton interviews Julie Crockett, organizer of Friends of PQ Park.

Community Conversations: Glenn Clancy 9/29/16

Roger Colton and Joanna Tzouvelis interview Glenn Clancy, Director of Community Development in Belmont.