Talk of the Town by Meet Belmont

Most Recent Episode Talk of the Town, 2019


Talk of the Town, 2019

Notable Belmont residents share their interests and passions - Leah Hager Cohen, Amanda Fernandez, Gianna Burgess, Brianna Liu, Deb Roy, hosted by Jane Clayson Johnson.

112 minutes
Talk of the Town, 2018

Belmont Vision 21 Implementation Committee's Meet Belmont presents "Talk of the Town" with Debra Cash, Mariam Almusalamy, Barbara Joseph and Graham Allison. Hosted by Jane Clayson Johnson.

90 minutes
Talk of the Town, 2017

"Talk of the Town." w/Clayton Christensen, Kim B. Clark Professor at Harvard Business School; Elissa Ely of WBUR Remembrance Project; Alfie Kohn, Author/Lecturer, Rupal Patel of VocaliD. Hosted by Jane Clayson Johnson, journalist. Meet Belmont.

95 minutes