Public Service Announcements

Public service announcements, educational & informational videos.

Most Recent Episode PSA: Air Force: # 3


PSA: Air Force: # 3
Lili Cleans Up PSA

Recycling PSA

ArtWeek PSA 2018: 02/27/18

This is a PSA promoting ArtWeek Statewide Arts Festival happening this spring. Air through April.

Hidden in Plain Sight: 2017 - Preventing Teen Substance Abuse

Produced by Belmont Media Center, Belmont Health Dept. & the Police Dept., this video has vital educational information to assist parents in spotting & preventing teen substance abuse.

Sustainable Belmont: Cafeteria Waste Audit
Glaucoma PSA: 2017

PSA with BHS high school students about Glaucoma and how to prevent it. Produced February 2017.

Glaucoma PSA: 2017

Public Service Announcement about Glaucoma and how young people can prevent the disease. 2017

Carry In, Carry Out PSA: 2017

PSA with Mary-Beth Calnan, Belmont's Recycling Coordinator, about the new Carry In, Carry Out program at all Belmont public parks. 2017

Vday 2017 PSA: 2017

PSA for Vday performance of "A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and a Prayer" on Feb. 17 & 18.

Media Literacy Now PSA: 2016

PSA for Media Literacy Now with founder Erin McNeill.

Belmont Garden Club Scholarship 2016

PSA for Belmont Garden Club's Marion Wilkins and Marie Gray Scholarship. 2016

Junk Mail and Cardboard Recycling PSA 2016

PSA with Mary Beth Calnan, recycling coordinator, with tips on recycling junk mail and cardboard. 2016

Dual Stream Recycling PSA 2016

PSA with Mary Beth Calnan, recycling coordinator, about proper use of Belmont's Dual Stream Recycling system. 2016.

Open Door Church PSA 2016

Pastor's Welcome for Open Door Church in Belmont. October 2016

Belmont Public Library PSA 2016

PSA for Belmont Public Library feasibility for fall 2016 with library director Peter Struzziero.

Beaverbrook STEP PSA 2016

PSA for Beaverbrook STEP's Options Day programs. Sweet things boutique and Peppermint Place shop. 2016. Martha Harrison and Jillian Mancuso.

Adopt a Hydrant PSA: 2015

A promotional video on the Belmont Fire Department's new Adopt a Hydrant program, which encourages Belmont residents to shovel around hydrants. Produced by Girls Scout Troop 71942.

Mass Respite: 5 minute PSA
Mass Respite: 30 Second PSA
Mass Respite: 60 Second PSA
Smart 911 PSA: 2015

A short informational video about Smart 911, a national service that enables residents to create a free online safety profile with information that dispatchers can use to answer an emergency call.