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Time Out for Sports Talk: 2/24/2014

Todd and gang recap the Sochi Olympics and talk about the Red Sox and Spring Training.

Time Out for Sports Talk: 1/27/14

Todd and Howie chat with Boston Sports Broadcasting legend, Bob Lobel in studio about all things Boston sports.

Time Out for Sports Talk: 3/24/14

Todd and gang talk about all things New England Sports.

Time Out for Sports Talk: 12/23/13
Time Out for Sports Talk: 11/25/13

Todd and gang preview the annual Thanksgiving matchup between the Belmont Mauarders and Watertown Red Raiders, recap the Red Sox World Series win and the Patriots come from behind win against the Denver Broncos.

Time Out for Sports Talk: 10/28/13

Todd and gang serve as the unofficial Belmont pre-game show to Game 5 of the World Series and talk about the series thus far and predictions for the rest for the rest of the series.

Time Out for Sports Talk: September 2013

Todd and gang talk about the start of the Patriots season and the Red Sox outlook for post-season play.

Time Out for Sports Talk: 8/26/2013

BMC On Demand Archive

Wednesday, 10/24/12Time Out for Sports Talk - 10/22/12 10/22/12 - Howie misses his first show in ten years, so Todd is joined by two guest panelists--Dave Fluet and John Molori--to discuss the Patriots' defensive struggles and the Red Sox hiring old friend John Farrell to be their new manager.
Tuesday, 9/25/12Time Out for Sports Talk - 9/24/12 9/24/12 - Todd and Howie are joined by guest panelist Dave Monaghan. Topics discussed include the Red Sox, Patriots and reaction to the NFL offical's lockout.
Tuesday, 8/28/12Time Out for Sports Talk -- 8/27/12 8/27/12 - 20th Season Premiere. TOST debuts a brand new set, open and theme song with Todd, Howie and Steve Conley. The three pay tribute to Bob Burns (one of TOST's most memorable callers), analyze the fallout from the Red Sox mega-trade and preview the upcoming Pats season with Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly.
Tuesday, 6/19/12Time Out for Sports Talk - 6/18/12 6/18/12 - Time Out for Sports Talk.
Monday, 5/21/12Time Out for Sports Talk - 5/21/12 5/21/12 - Time Out for Sports Talk.
Wednesday, 4/25/12Time Out for Sports Talk - 4/23/12 4/23/12 -- Time Out for Sports Talk.
Tuesday, 3/27/12Time Out for Sports Talk - 3/26/12 3/26/12 - Time Out for Sports Talk. Todd and the guys talk with Boston Globe Baseball writer, Nick Cafardo who is in Florida following the Red Sox Spring Training.
Tuesday, 2/28/12Time Out for Sports Talk -- 2/27/12 2/27/12 -- Time Out for Sports Talk
Monday, 1/30/12Time Out for Sports Talk - Superbowl XLVI Preview 1/30/12 -- Time Out for Sports Talk. Todd, Howie and Steve preview Superbowl 46 between the New England Patriots and New York Giants.
Tuesday, 1/17/12Time Out for Sports Talk - 1/17/12 -- AFC Championship Preview Special 1/17/12 -- Time Out for Sports Talk. Todd and Howie preview the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.