Citizen-Herald Reports

Citizen-Herald Reports is a local news and current affairs program presented by the Belmont Citizen-Herald and Belmont Media Center.

Joanna Tzouvelis, editor of, is the host and producer, and she interviews local newsmakers and highlights the weekly headlines.
Belmont residents are also invited to appear on the Open Mic segment to offer their views on any issue, any topic, local or international. Speakers must be prepared to present a 1 to 3 minute editorial. If you are interested please contact Joanna or Jeff Hansell at BMC.

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Underwood Pool Ceremonial Grand Opening: August 8th, 2015
Belmont Citizen Herald Reports: Andy Rojas 08/07/15

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with former Belmont selectman Andy ROjas and lead architect and CEO of Rojas Design Inc.

Belmont Citizen-Herald Reports: 10/3/13

Editor Joanna Tzouvelis interviews town meeting member Judith Sarno and Raffi Manjikian about the Demolition Delay By-Law in Belmont.

Belmont Citizen Herald Report: 10/17/2013

Editor Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Ann Paulsen, Belmont's first woman selectman, a champion of bicyclist rights and protector of Belmont's Underwood Pool.

Belmont Citizen-Herald Reports: 10/31/13

Joanna Tzouvelis interviews Vivian Abkarian, owner of Salon De Paris. Features a discussion about Reiki with Salon De Paris Reiki specialist Jean Connors.

Belmont Citizen-Herald Reports: Typhoon Haiyan

Northeastern University Journalism intern Brittany Carragher interviews Belmont resident Bernice Wilson, a Filipino whose family was affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Also features James Martin Tan from Northeastern's Barkada, a club for Filipino interests.

Belmont Citizen-Herald Report: 01/09/14

Editor and host Joanna Tzouvelis interviews former Belmont Selectmen Chair Ralph Jones about his recent decision to step down as a selectmen and his future plans.

Citizen Herald Reports: Ruth Foster 05/22/14

Editor Joanna Tzouvelis interviews long-time Belmont resident Ruth Foster in a beautiful garden setting. Ruth is a highly regarded horticulturalist, arborist, and landscape designer who is also a columnist for the Citizen Herald.

Belmont Citizen-Herald Report: Belmont Farmer's Market 07/17/14
Citizen-Herald Reports: Underwood Pool

Joanna Tzouvelis interviews Underwood Pool staff about the closing of the historic pool and plans for the new pool. 08/24/14