EJ Johnson, Production & Editing

Studio Production & Editing

Friday, August 4th, 2017, the Belmont Media Center lost one of our own. Longtime volunteer, teacher, mentor, valued staff member, and friend to all, EJ Johnson passed away after fighting a pretty darned good fight for several years against a disease that increasingly crippled his body but that could not subdue his spirit or dedication to community media in any visible way.

EJ was with BMC at the beginning in 2006 , volunteering to lead kids at our first “Make a Movie in a Day” classes which we ran out of the tiny studio in the high school. Under less than ideal conditions, EJ brought his energy, his considerable professional TV & film experience, and his unique sense of humor to a young non-profit community media center and consequently turned every situation into a teaching moment for anyone within earshot and always with an example from his own career.

EJ helped, taught, mentored, lectured, encouraged and befriended many, many people who have come and gone at the Belmont Media Center. He was such a familiar, friendly and unassuming presence at BMC, it’s very hard for us who worked with him every day to imagine that he is gone.

Thinking back, I remember EJ floating back and forth past my office door on his motorized scooter. And he seemed not so much attached to the earth as he was to all the people on it.

Jeffrey Hansell
executive director, BMC